"I love hosting Cookie Lee shows and spending time with my friends. With our busy schedules, these are the few times that we can enjoy girl time, shop and hang out. Plus, I earn FREE jewelry with every show!"
The Best Hostess Rewards

Host a $1,000 Show and Receive ALL of This:
  • $150 in FREE Jewelry
  • Your Choice of 10 Items at 50%-Off
  • Our Hostess Booking Gift ($20 value!)
  • Our Hostess Exclusive Buy for just $20
  • 50%-Off Customer Special for Guests
  • UNLIMITED $25 Shopping Certificates for each booking referral from your show!

Show Sales Free Jewelry
(Your Choice)
50%-Off Items
(Your Choice)
$900 to $999 $135 9
$800 to $899 $120 8
$700 to $799 $105 7
$600 to $699 $90 6
$500 to $599 $75 5
$400 to $499 $60 4
$300 to $399 $45 3
$200 to $299 $30 2
$100 to $199 $10 1

Choose a Show and Have Fun With Friends!

Cookie Lee shows are a great way to spend time with friends while you shop for on-trend and affordable accessories. The best part is that everyone takes home their jewelry the same day! Whether you love hosting parties or prefer to gather a few friends, a Cookie Lee show can work for you. There's no formal presentation, so it's easy for a Cookie Lee Consultant to share the jewelry wherever you choose.

Hostess enjoying her Cookie Lee Home Show
  • Home Shows
    Guests can stop by and shop for a few minutes or stay for the entire Cookie Lee jewelry show!
  • Office Shows
    A lunch hour is the perfect opportunity to get everyone together to shop for fashionable jewelry at great prices.
  • Fundraisers
    Giving back to your community is fun and simple with Cookie Lee. When you sell or buy Cookie Lee jewelry, your cause is benefitting AND someone is getting a fabulous piece of jewelry. It's all about feel-good fashion that supports your organization!
  • Catalog Shows
    Collect catalog orders from your family and friends to earn free jewelry rewards!
  • 1-Hour Shows
    Have a girls' night in and let your Cookie Lee Consultant bring the fun with a one-hour jewelry shopping experience.
  • Personal Styling Appointments
    Ask your Consultant for a one-on-one consultation to help you accessorize your wardrobe!
Contact a Consultant to place an order, attend a show or to shop online. Explore the benefits of hosting a jewelry show.
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